Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Hehe. Maybe.


Flipped 21 days ago exactly. So much for a Friday :joy::joy:


That’s why on my Skunks from seed. I topped so I would have 6 branches after taking bottom ones for clones. After I take cuttings tonight if I get that far with everything I have to do.I’m going to clean them up a little afterwards. Focus the energy on the growing tops. Flipping before Friday.


I believe they grow a bit more vigorously if u clip them about a week or two after flipping. But may take longer to root. Not sure. But food for thought. May wanna leave a few on til after the flip. Sturdier stem as well


I took 29 clones this week.


I flipped nov 18th


So i have u by a week


And I’m gonna be slightly lagging behind. But it’s all good.


Lol yup. As long as the end result is ounce upon ounce of frosty homegrown goodies, more power to us all :joy:


May the weed force be with us!


May the weed force be with us!

Canna, I am your Father…


One of the Jack Herer seeds already sprouted a tap root!! This is exciting.


That’s a lot of clones!

@PurpNGold74 last I knew of his he ran something more of a scrog. He just had 2-3 of them going at once. It seemed like he would veg a plant out well and then apply screen as to spread the plant out, then send it to flower. He benefited there by having multiple spaces, but I don’t think he was getting a unit per month.


I want to make sure I have my bases covered.


I thought he had some kinda flood table sog design. I found it on one of @Mrcrabs cloning threads. Lemme go :eyes:


Bogleg does.


Yea i remember bog fine tuning for it. Wonder how its going. His journal is waaaay past my daily reading ability :joy::joy:.

@Bogleg kinda yields u lookin at? N did u perpetuate?


Shit, you know how old that thread is? You’re all over the place my man, good for you!

I wasn’t aware Dj even used that method.


Hahahaha. Yea when i wanna know something i use the search here before google :joy::joy::joy:. Its been getting the job done


Don’t blame you. Go find bogleg in lab, you’ll see what you’re looking for.