Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Easiest to get going with genetics you already know and can plan around. Once you get that dialed in then introduce Plants from seed.


I have 12 plants in week three of flower and 20 clones rooting now. This came to fruition this weekend. I’m thinking I should start the seeds for my other mother plants now also??


How often are you looking to harvest? And what are you looking to harvest each time?


A pound per month


You’re shy on light right now to do that. You definitely have the square footage to get there though. If you dedicate your blurple to veg, your qb’s good for like 12 square feet. I would expect that to be capable of a solid unit plus per 8 weeks. If you have your grow dialed, maybe little more than a pound per grow with what you have. But not really enough light there to cover square footage you’d need to do it every month.


How much more light would you add. Also, would the blurple be ok for the mother plants??


Dropped the beans for the mother plants. Decided to go with some blue cheese for now


I’m guessing your saying that the entire room will need to be filled with plants??


Not necessarily entire room. There’s guys that pull a pound per 3x3, falling under having a grow dialed in my opinion.

There’s so many ways you can do it, plant count, harvest timing, and how much room for error you need all need some thought. I didn’t run a true sog grow until I had to take down my grow. I think it takes a little more time to really get dialed in, but it seemed to me to make the most sense for perpetual without needing a ton of equipment. Prior to that, I ran for the longest on a first in/first out method. I had rows of 3 plants in 3 gallon pots. I would harvest 3 from the middle, shift everything over, and introduce 3 plants on an edge. Then take a handful of cuttings and restart process. I couldn’t fit a row per week, was more like 1.5-2weeks. But it worked because it was just enough time for my cuttings to root, I transplanted 3 best looking and ditched others, then pulled 3 plants from veg when I was ready to harvest again. In my veg space I usually had the handful of cuttings, some just potted from rooting, and some 1 gallon pots waiting to go into flower.

It was really busy, and I usually got about 6-7 zips per 3 plants. But it worked because I didn’t have a lot of space to veg big plants. Prior I messed with training and a scrog trying to get my numbers per plant up. But it just took too much time for me. Others feel differently, or are hung up on plant count. So you kinda have to decide where you want to go there, and then we can look at more what you’d need for space.


That’s great info man. I’m trying to see if the higher but smaller plants will yield what the 4 big ones did. This kinda just sprung up yesterday and I was having trouble wrapping my head around the process.


Each method will take a little tweaking to get the most of. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately get the results you’re looking for. Growing big colas is a little different than growing big plants. And best thing for you may be somewhere between a couple of different methods.


Sounds like you may have did this before. My goal is small plants with big colas. :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for all the info bro. I’ll get it worked out. It’s too good of an opportunity to not try my best at it.


Exactly how I tried anyway lol.


I appreciate it.


Some pics of the ladies this morning.

I feel like for being sprouted on Nov 18th, the BBA looks kind small.


Oh and this is the start of week three of flower.


Nice. Week 3 from flip? N yea i think db told u right. SOG with big cola little plants modified a bit seems to be the quickest way to monsterize yields. I believe I askd @Donaldj about this technique he had on another thread. His perpetual rotation was (in theory) perfectly scripted. Care to reshare n explain my friend?


Yep. Three weeks from flip. I’m thinking the SOG is the way to. I made the mistake of fimming these early on and kinda screwed it up


Yea it extending ur veg time outta range. Clones go nutso anyway. Especially if u catch them at the start of flower. Like around now… n did we flip same day? I did a few fridays ago. Will go look in a bit.