Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Did u make it to the lab broham? And smart move with the mothers. Clone those mamas til the walk bowlegged :joy::joy:. Also what method u using? Cut, dip, plop into soil?


Not on the lab yet. I’d rather be the smartest here than the dumbest there lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I cut, dip, and put into rockwool. Then into the humidity dome. I’m going to build a diy cloner this week.



It’s better to rule in hell, than to serve in heaven. - Milton.


@raustin that’s so diabolical. Muhahahahha


It’s one of my favorite quotes actually. I live my life by it. Lol. It’s from Paradise Lost.


@raustin Where you been? Haven’t seen you lurking around as much?


I’ve been around. Where have you been? I think im on my own thread to much.


Every one is one ur thread


That’s the first of many typos. I’m so baked


Just been growin. Trying to figure out my perpetual grow and get these blueberry autos going which has been a bit of a challenge. They just don’t want to cooperate. I’ll most likely not do autos again. I’m seeing that I’m more of a photo guy.


My goal is to harvest a pound per month eventually.


I’d like to do a seedling study. Check what ideal ppm at germination, planting, seedling, early veg phases.


Im 1400 behind on Raustin’s thread. I think im finally gonna just quit backreading and just click the blue down button :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:. N excellent quote


I never do autos, I’m strictly a photo gal.


Digging this goal. Poor fingers gon need cannalotion after all that trimming


Hat needs working out in your perpetual setup?


Just the timing, number of lights and how to use the space.


I have 3 135 qbs, my 11x11 room, 2x4 tent, 600 w blurple light.


AND from counting all that chedda!