Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Sweet! Probably better discreet shipping methods aren’t discussed here for everyone to read though.


Good point. Didn’t really think of that when I posted it :face_with_monocle:


Chances of wrong people seeing it are slim, but we certainly don’t want to help them any. I would just edit posts that reference method.


I deleted the picture

  1. Diesel
  2. Cheese
  3. Jack


Yup im erasing too. Good catch man


I vote Sour D. It’s on our list. :sunglasses:


Sour D seems to be winning so far. My brother in law voted for it too.


So, if I end up with 8 blueberry plants then the sour d will wait. If not, I’ll grow some this round. Regardless, in order to keep the perp grow in full swing, something will need to be sprouted in 30 days regardless.


I’m guessing either heat or too much light got 2 of my seedlings. They are pretty dry this morning too. :roll_eyes:


50 I /50 S… Put me down w Red D!!! That’s a very intriguing strain (they all are, Heck, who doesn’t like Blue Cheese. (Pineapple is on my ever expanding bucket list), but I’m rooting for Red).
Let’s gor Red D. :sunglasses:.


I propped up the seedling hoping to save it


Good idea, she can use all the support that you can give her., she looks pretty fragile, more so than normal w new seedlings. I hope she pulls through, I always like the underdog.
What’s the deal with her, dont see any backstory, when did they hatch?
Wishing her well.


I feel ya I’ve been trying to get a seed to pop for almost a week, …and nothin!


what happened @Randy1966? did it crack before you put it in the soil?


Nope it didn’t I had it in water for 3 days, then moved it to soil 3 days ago.


Probably about 4 days or so. I think the heat got it and I moved it out of the dome too soon. These blueberry have been giving me fits the whole way except the one that’s going strong. I did give my plants a does of Mykos today too.


How’s your plants looking today


They are doing great, complete turn from last night, this 32x32 tent is two small I’ll be so glad when we move and I have more room
I want to get a CPL more growing so I can do the perpetual grow but not going to have room for it, but we’re looking to move Jan 1st, and these two will be about 2 week from harvest so they’ll be fun to move , think I calling my first bud to


Beautiful man. See all that worrying for nothing :wink: I’m glad it worked out for the best. Now just finish her up and you’ll be high in no time.