Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Thank you for sharing with the group. :rofl:


Marijuana may not be addicting but growing it sure the hell is.


Lol that and collecting seeds. I’m hooked on both. Thankfully I can’t afford to buy any more so I’m just stuck growing until after new year’s.


Yeah I just have to say no to myself. I guess I could be doing worse things though.


Lol right. Christmas has all my spare money. That and my youngest daughter birthday is Christmas eve. So we’re doing her party next weekend to keep it away from Christmas.


My youngest has a birthday on Christmas Day so we have to split the day in half.


Yeah we just figured it would be easier on others to have her party earlier in the month. Then save one present for her actual birthday.


I could not agree more, its just so much fun to grow, and watch it grow, and the smoke what you grow (soon).
Bergman hit the nail on the head when he came up w the name for his company. :sunglasses:


I’ll take and post ppm readings this weekend.


Just some water and cleaned up some under growth on the girls. Could use more but I’m not going to push it yet


And the lone blueberry auto


All the girls are looking great! Poor little blueberry! The other ladies will take her under their wing.


She is channeling their Fu


Now that’s a cute baby pic lol, looks like your rolling along great man, if all those seeds start taking up too much space I’ll help you move them into my tent :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:.


Hahaha Randy. U n me both.

@Familyman u look like the girl in the seedling pic have a lil calmag forming. Am i buggin?


Possibly. I’ll add some next watering. I’m trying the nectar soil and it’s kinda low on nutes.


Survey Time. What strain would you pop:
Pineapple Express
Jack Herer
Blue cheese
Sour D
Cali snow
Red D
Critical jack

Let me know so I can get them going.


I really want to try the sour diesel or red diesel. So those would be my top picks.


Pineapple Express was my most beautiful and deliciously smelling grow to date.


blue cheese or Red D, but honestly those are nice picks, any would be good