Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


whod u byem with?


I may drop the RD beans today. Plus, it would motivate me to buy another light lol. Im upto 19 plants as it is lol.


Seedsman. If I paid with bitcoin I got 8 free seeds and then if I spent a certain amount they sent 3 JH seeds.


I need to get that driver. Its in my cart now. Just gotta get paid. I have 6 full sized plants. 10 seedlings in a single pot. And countless clones. My spare room is turning into a weed dungeon. All under my single 200w build. Gotta double that at least


I hear ya there. It’s so addicting. Once I realized I can do this pretty well, I want every strain. Must have self control!! I’m at 12 plants, 6 seedlings and 8 clones.


Right. I think this month im getting a fan/filter (since flowering), the driver, n like $200 worth of seeds. I want enough that i dont have to order again if i dont want to (which wont happen).

But i do know im going all in on berry bomb seeds. Need 20 reggies. If by June i dont have a lifetime collection of those seeds i have failed at life :joy::rofl:


Girls look good @Familyman, I am also giving serious consideration to doing an all auto grow in the near future.
I was surprised to see that there really are quite a lot of auto strains to choose from, which is great.
I even found a NL Auto :wink:


Look into super and xxl’s. Think we talkd about it once. The genetics to autos are really coming up


I’ll be ordering Cindy 99 and Nova OG soon and then that’s it. I swear.


NL autos are great. Very stable and easy to grow.


I saw that convo. Yup im on team cindy as well. Heard great things. Cindy, pineapple chunk, bloody skunk among a few others. I really want some of that chem #4 i saw. Those seeds are high af tho


Yup, I like seedsman as well, they’ll be part of my next grow when this one is done. got a ton of free seeds, some really cool stuff. I know what you mean as far as trying out new strains, I wanna try lots of them.
You’r setup is actually great for that, plenty of space, you could grow hell of a lot of different strains at once.
Fun stuff for sure.


Yes it would but I’ll need more lights for that and since it’s christmas I’ll be on a budget freeze until after the new year. I don’t think my kids would like quantum boards from Santa.


No they wouldnt. But if said quantum board guarantees xmas gifts all 12 months the next year, they could be convinced


Yeah. No one complains about the extra stuff my hobby pays for.


Ya’ll sound like me. I got a list of strains I want to try that’s as long as my arm. I’m gonna have to really step up my game if I want to try them all in the next decade lol.


I’m getting there too. The Cindy seeds will be the last I buy for awhile.


Im talking with WildWest and Gold Leaf is on the list too. One of the best reviews ive ever heard. Really got me itching


:laughing: Just happy to know I’m not the only one suffering from this debilitating disease. At least we admit it, and thats the first step .


Lol right! But it’s a good one to have lol