Familyman’s First Grow Log


Lol well did you weigh how much you used to make it? That’s really a good way to see how much return you’re getting. But considering it’s all from trim I’d say it’s good.


No. I didn’t weigh it. Just started throwing it in the bucket and churning the shit out of it.


Good god thats a buncha weed… n just one plant… hehe i cant wait to see the rest. Hope i have enough likes :wink::joy:

Yay caught up! Not as hellish read as i thought! Congratulations on the harvest my brother :facepunch:t5::facepunch:t5: Sweet ass haul man. 2100+ grams (25% drier as someone mentiond) still more the 20 oz’s. :beers: to knocking that out the park! And nice dense lovely nuggery. I can dig it. Sweet work on the hash too. Seems simple enuff n a great use for trim! Hope i can do like you. Start of week 7 for Ms D. And i think im flippin in the next week or so once i get pH’d leveld out.

All that said. Sweet ass haul again. Enjoy. And let us know when she dries. Hope u got a boatload of boveda


Used to smoke it as a teenager as there was nothing else where i lived :slight_smile: personally not a fan


Lol I’d feel the same!


All in all after drying and stemming it, I ended up with right at a pound. I don’t have an exact number but based on that I have 9 quart mason jars full, which is about 2oz each that would give me 18oz total. It’s kinda disappointing how much weight you lose drying, but oh well now I know.

I had already made 4 jars before this.


You got a nice haul. Good job on your first grow!


It’s an impressive haul either way.


Congratulations on a really nice harvest!


Thanks all. You all helped tremendously.


Yup. U maybe a bit disappointed but consider you grams per watt. How much power. How many grams. Hand over fist over 1 gpw. Around 540 gs. 3- 135w. 540/405= 1.33 grams per watt. Sorry ima nerd and it bothers me to know


Break it down @PurpNGold74! :grin:. Gotta love a weed math nerd!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: its a gift and a curse. Ill completely lose my train of thought and focus in my own head.


Wonderful harvest, shit I’d be jumping for joy, great job!


I can fit only one ounce in a qt jar. I can stuff up to 40gr but it’s too tight for curing. But super nice haul!!


Thank you!