Familyman’s First Grow Log


Got a chance to work on the grow room. I think wifey was getting annoyed with all my nutes in the laundry room.


Man I love the work space. I don’t have that much room to work with.


Thanks. It’s all junk laying around the house.


Gotta run some electrical in there soon thought.


Some pics from yesterday. And my lazy dog.



Beautiful bro there really getting chunky


Thanks man. I feel like I’m winning for a first grow. I think I have at least 3 weeks to go. Pistols are about a third orange. We finally have highs in the low 60’s and nite temps in the 40’s so I’m getting cool temps to hopefully bring out more colors and terepenes.


That’s the down side to being here in Florida ain’t no sub 60 weather almost ever lol​:joy::joy:I might be able to get ac down to 60 I Donno if that’s low enough


I’m sure we both have to deal with hella humidity. Luckily it’s kinda lifted with fall but summer is very swampy in IL


Ahhhh Florida sux for the hum


How do you combat white powdery mildew.


Airflow and minimal humidity…

Which means idk. But… @garrigan65 :point_up:t5:


How much breeze is too much??


You dont wanna give them windburn. People use oscillating fans. I have a ceiling fan above the tank an a box fan kinda angled weirdly to create airflow.

Also ive never had buds like that. So wait for the weedcyclopedia


Peroxide solution I just went through this check out my gsc x bag seed thread what I did to combat it


@PurpNGold74 good seeing you. Tried some a couple times. Couldn’t wait. I got high as fawk. And my brother in law claims it will be a “gold product”


Im always hanging around brother. Definitely lurk on your grow. Love how they are swelling. Gonna pull some serious wait. And your growroom is shaping up @Redeyedranger ish. Which is the greatest compliment i can imagine.


Thanks. My goal is a pound but I won’t be disappointed with less. Just set a goal to have a goal.


And the grow room is a work in progress. I’m wishing I had painted the floor before everything was in, but I got impatient and rushed it.