Familyman’s First Grow Log


Gotta have goals, and competition spurs innovation! I already know that mine has to be prettier than all those 2-pound outside buds.




Bud rot. Nuff said.


Drop the microphone. Lol. But in reality we both know our salty ness is just jealousy :rofl:


Kinda sums up my motivation today


Nope! I’d rather have 6-8 oz with no spider-mites that spin the wheel and hope for 10-12… If I invest 4months and have it go to sh!t at the end I would probably stop.


True. I just love seeing those giant trees. They are beautiful plants.


Agreed, but I guarantee mine get more love and attention. Craft beer vs Natty Light :wink:


Good analogy.


Not saying that I can’t personally screw it up, but there are very few factors that are not in my control.


I agree with that too. I’m a control freak and like to mitigate all variables.


Hey guys, changed the title to more accurately reflect the transition to a grow log. Here are some pics of the ladies today. Got some nice flower development on them and they are stretching a bit too.


Very nice looking grow! Will be watching!


Thanks for following it. What are you growing?


I am trying for the fourth time to clone a flowering plant. Just did today, I am hoping to be successful this time around. I always used powder root compound but this time i am trying clonex. Good luck on your grow!


Some guys use the gel and then use the powder too. I used rootech gel and all 30 clones are still alive after a week.


I tried that the last batch, I trashed all 6 today. So here I grow again:grinning:



Does the light(T5) look to close?


Not at all. Mine is almost right on top of the dome. Are you misting the clones and some a few times a day? What are you rooting them in??


First of sorry didnt mean to take from your thread. I am just learning a ton and know I have alot to learn.
Clonex root gel, rockwool cubes, and yes misting leaves a couple times a week. I dont water unless cube is dry. I am doing flowering clones though and from what I understand they can be difficult to get back into veg stage.