Familyman’s First Grow Log


Well where I live we don’t have hurricane parties. It’s more like let’s get in the truck and check out the tornado damage. Merica!


I have a 1 yo and a 3 yo. I can’t immerse myself into anything!


Opened the Weed Dungeon this morning and wow!!! They grew about 4 inches over night! Fed them yesterday with the NOTG


I have one Northern Lights seed coming, and the NftG sampler. I have pretty much determined that my next grow will be the NL with the NftG nutes.


Auto or Photo?? The plants are strong. Nice pine and spice aroma.


I did some selective defoliation on them yesterday and it seems to have helped some too


Girls are lookin mighty fine. Loving the new lights and feed obviously. And ur definitely gonna have to invest in alot of mason jars :joy::rofl:

O n those sausages look amazing!


Thanks. My sausage never fails to please! I hope I have to buy more jars!! I can’t wait to see how these end up!


Sorry, just was this. Fems. I don’t want to mess with autos for now. Rather get good at one thing.


:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::rofl::joy: i :eyes: what u did there


@dbrn32 how far should my plants be away from the QB while in flower??


@Whodat66 how far away are your plants from the lights


I got them lowered to 12" from the top of the tall one, about 15 from the rest. Nancy has put on another 2" and hasn’t shown any adverse reaction, but now that the others are catching up I plan to raise it a few inches tomorrow. I think most of the tops are about 14"


Thanks buddy.


I heard that 12" was optimum but with my weird height discrepancy just to get my BotM, I’ve been careful with the rest. So far so good, but that ‘top top’ is only 10" away and still smiling.


Ok I noticed a few curling leaves and though maybe I had mine too close but I’m at about 12” too. I’ll check tomorrow and see what’s happening then.


Yup, they probably don’t need to be any closer than 12”. I’m sure if hardened properly you can run them closer, but your footprint will get smaller too.


Think I’ll leave them 12. It’s working so why change it.


Today’s lady Pics. I’m on day 9 of flowering and they seem to be doing great!


Also, clones are getting little nubs on the stalks. I’m guessing this is a good sign. @Whodat66 I’ll see you at the BOTM contest! Lol probably not but just wanted to taunt you a little bit!