False pollination

A question from a fellow grower:

My mate has a problem we have never encountered and it keeps happening.

My question what causes false pollination in a closed internal grow room.

We use the same clones mine grow and finish ok but his appear to become covered by false seed.
That’s seed with nothing inside the shells? There are no males, no hermaphroditism and my clones
from the same mother and grow at. Different location with no pollen.

We have not been able to find any answers in a year yet his keep doing the same thing producing
false seed. If they are let go the become full of seed which have no embryos within.

There are no males anywhere near and we read that they can be falsely pollinated by Forgetmenot
Flower pollen.

Anyhow no one here in the industry has any answers as all the usual suspects have been eliminated
but this problem keeps happening to him but never to me and the clones are identicle from the same

In fact I have been using the same mothers for a decade with no problems.

Hope you can help.

…sounds like a hermaphrodite, why do you say it isn’t?


He and his buddy are growing from the same mother plant. One gets seeds and the other guy doesn’t. He Al’s stated it was not Hermie.

So the only two logic thing would be is.

1.) Honey bee’s
2.) Male flowers here by.


A male can actually be guite a fair distance from the female and still get to them . Think of them like a teenager they will find a way if they are neighbors

I would say that you’re having light issues and the reason that there’s nothing in the seeds is because you’re pulling your plants semi early or they’re getting pollinated kind of late in their flowering cycle so they never get a chance to develop but they are still seeds and to me I would think you’re having some sort of light issues, I’ve never had a plant freak out from overfeeding underfeeding are over-watering or under watering but anytime I’ve had those issues it was because of A light leak… you have to be able to sit in your room with the lights out for at least a half an hour 20 minutes at least before you’ll ever notice a pinhole or anything because your eyes don’t ajust as quickly as you think and small little crack pin holes are everywhere sometimes…


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I’m sticking with the honey bees ! :bee:

I think @peachfuzz has your answer, original poster :thumbsup:

  • good luck