False advertising in lights

Ok going over my closet to see where I can sneak in another light. Going over what I have and I got 1 blurple philzon 600. Looking at specks it pulls 100 watts. Sounds about right but how is it’s efficiency say like 255 umhl It is saying it’s a better light or close to my qb260 xl v2. Price is now half what I payed a year ago. Looks like they are fudging numbers to try and complete. I would put up a hlg65 before the philzon 600.

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The readings given there are single point measurement from center of light. A ppfd measurement of 255 isn’t even as good as a 135 kit. The first generation qb 135 had center measurement of something like 730 umols at 18"


This community spends a lot of time trying to keep people from the blurple side.
I’m glad you realize how crappy the blurple marketing is, and are making better informed purchases.