Falling seedling. What should I do?

I am a first time grower. As seen in my photos my seedling is falling and bending towards one side, is it because the roots are not strong enough to support the weight of the leaves ? Wha my should I do ? Thank You !

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It actually looks pretty good.
It will straighten up in time.
Dont over water, let it dry out before watering.

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Thanks !

Might prop it up with a pipe cleaner/toothpick and pipe cleaner. Also might want to lower your light some, if possible, to keep the stretch down.


It’s because the stem isn’t strong enough. Looks like she’s stretching for light and outgrowing her stem.

Sorry, I didn’t see your question last time.

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Thank You !

When I plant my sprouts in seed starter cups I like to leave the dirt level down from the top about a inch and a half that way when I get my stretch on the seedlings I can backfill them at least one good time.


Adding some silica to your watering will help firm up the stems


Wooden meat skewers and bread ties work good for holding it up. A oscillating fan will toughen the stem as it blows around. Just don’t blow it down. You can use Armor Si to pH UP your water and it will help toughen stems.


What @kellydans said. Build a little hill around ur stem and pack it lightly. Will hold her up. Then get that light closer! Good luck.

Edit: what kind of led do you have. Might need to go real close. Started with some 105 watt blurples that induced stretch at anything higher than four inches lol


sure i will try ! Thanks

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Thank you !

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I am using 600W LED light hanging around 60cm above the seedlings.

Would you mind providing a model number or link if it’s from Amazon?

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You’re probably closer to 100w actual power draw. Blurples are notorious for wildly overstated wattages.

Try bringing that down to about about 45-50. If you still have stretching bring it down more.

^This would also be helpful.


This is the LED light that i purchased.