Fall Colors (gotta love em)

How much do we love fall color? This one finished about 9 feet. I had already harvested a few branches in this pic.



Pretty!! What strain is that?

I call it 46 North. Started out as random bag seed and I’ve been back crossing and selecting for early flowering since about 2005.

I live at the 46th parallel, hence the name. It starts flowering mid July around here and rarely ever throws an off phenotype.


would you be willing to mail a seed?

I’d happily share but sadly interstate transportation isn’t a risk worth taking. We’re legal at the state level.

Very sad, actually, because the plant pictured above gave me 1.7 pounds of dry flower. And, I found about 4 beautiful seeds (I had a couple males in the garden, cut them early but a little pollen obviously got away). You can be sure those seeds will find their way into my next seed run.

seeds are legal in most places. i would only request the seeds for seed banking purposes. i would never actually grow them in a place where it isnt legal :sweat_smile: