Fall Autoflower Grow! GTA Ontario

My first journal. This is my second year, and I suppose it’s my 4th grow. I’m planting 4 different autoflowers in 2 gallon fabric pots. I’ll start outside and bring them inside once it gets cooler.

Aeque Genetics - grandmas stash
Seedsman - Zkittlez, Amnesia, Pink Kush CBD

Seeds in water for 24hrs on Aug 19th. Next day put into medium.

Medium - Promix HP Myco. Added Gaia Green All Purpose dry amendment. Added a little kelp extract and microbial mass.

For the seeds, I put them in a small section of Promix without any fertilizer amendments, just water. That way they don’t get nutrient burn as seedlings. About 1 inch deep, 3 inch diameter at the top of the pots. I added some dynomyco in that section to help inoculate roots.

I’ve got the Hollandstar “1500” watt COB LED from Amazon. Actual draw is about 210 watts. My indoor grow room is in the rafters of my garage roof. It’s a slant roof, only 3.5 feet tall at the middle. I’m going to use LST and Scrog to control height of the plants inside. I may have to find a solution to add some heat later in the fall.

As of yesterday, 3 seeds had sprouted already and opened up cotyledons. The auto amnesia haze is the one that hasn’t sprouted yet.

During the run I’ll fertilize with Gaia green power bloom (in about 4 weeks). For amendments throughout the grow I have kelp extract, silica, cal mag, molasses and microbial mass (5 bacillus strains).

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3 seedlings are stretching, the fluorescent light they were under is super weak. Moved them to get a bit of direct sun and then mostly shade outside this afternoon.

Yeah, your girls a stretching way too mach. Sunlight may help. but you need to get them under a grow light, and close to the top to slow them down. They stretch any more, and they will start to fall over like the 1 in your last pic.

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You can always add more soil around the base of the stem or to the whole pot to stabilize it too

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Thanks @RockClarke and @MattyBear for the suggestions. I’ll add some soil around the base for now to add in support. Right now a grow light isn’t an option, because the “indoor” set up I have in my garage gets way too hot right now.

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@GardenDan Just curious… where are you located??

Mississauga, Ontario

@GardenDan :+1:

Wow been slacking on my grow journal. Overall growth is…. Ok. The 3 autos are good, but I think growth has been stunted due to high heat in the afternoons. Sometimes it hits 35 C (95 F) for a couple hours.
I saw some serious clawing on one plant, but it seems to have stopped now. I’ve been adding some kelp and silica to my water to try help with the heat stress.

Started LST 2 days ago and they’re respond well so far.

Other than the heat I think they’re doing well.

I’m working on a better grow spot (converting a cupboard) but it’ll be a few more days, maybe a week before it’s ready.