Fake Mars Hydro?

Just got a Tsl 2000 in the mail from Amazon, doesn’t have the dimpled silver reflector, it’s powder coated white. Think it’s a fake?

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Their newer model on the website shows the white without the dimples reflector.


Doubt it is, particularly if it came from the Mars Hydro storefront on Amazon. Companies make manufacturing changes all the time due to various issues such as changes in tooling for other product lines with similar parts, vendors going out of business, component obsolescence, cost savings,…

The majority, if not all, Mars lights sold on Amazon are fulfilled directly by Mars Hydro themselves.


New models yes, I can’t find a pic of this model in white


There’s your answer:


The new ones are better quality in the construction materials. I bought a TS1000 and it was the embossed silver one. A few weeks, maybe a month later I bought another and it was the white one and with the 2 side by side, the newer white one is much more durable.


They did change from the hammered aluminum to painted a few months ago.

Mars Hydro is auctioning some lights on ebay and there are some great buys. Not factory seconds and come direct from the factory. Not resellers.


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If you look at the pics I posted the boards aren’t the same color as that pic, and no red led’s either

I understand your concerns. But I think your light is exactly the same.
The eBay listing is not a picture but an advertising illustration so color is just what the artist chose.
And these are the red LEDs in the same spot as illustrated in the listing.

I just bought one of the auction lights from eBay and it came straight from Marrs factory.