Failure to thrive seedlings

So I’m roughly 7-8 weeks in from germination of 4 White Widow auto CBD and 2 White Widow autos and it just seems to me like these guys are struggling to grow with one finally giving up. Fox farms soil, 1/8 cup of food water once a week, occasional spritz of water. They just seem to be having a failure to thrive.

Ok so you have light issues. Your light isnt strong enough or close enough. They are stretching to the light. Take them and re plant them so the first set of leaves is buried. The small ones that are shriveling. Then get better lighting on them and a small fan that gently blows on them

If you start on the end closest to us in pic. The 2nd one on the edge is dead

Sunlight from your window is not enough if thats all your using


i concur with the statement they are stretching to get more light even at this early age.

also, i am wondering about the water. the soil looks pretty dark like its wet. could be that you watered just before these pics, but these girls wont need much until they are a little bigger. so, less is more just enough to coax them to grow roots