Failed Seedling

Seed started on the 5th and now it looks like it has stalled out for the past few days. Using 6.5 water, high humidity and temps 75f . Any thoughts? The seeds i have are the smallest i have ever seen if that makes any difference

1 thing I can tell you for sure is even though the roots are strong there have been many people on here that have had problems with those peat pots, the roots don’t like to break through the netting. Did the top leaves ever open?
If not does it look like the inside membrane of the seed is stuck and not letting them open? If so you need to get some teasers and be super careful not to damage the feeder leaves and get it off of there.

It was breaking through the soil like normal getting ready to reach up for the light then stopped. Not stuck in seed casing and leaves never opened.

Hopefully to put your mind at ease in all honesty my seeds are very small too. I was concerned but I’m germinating some right now and the tails did come out of my Bruce Banner, Luke Skywalker OG, and black widow (pop culture mix pack). I was kind of taken back when I first saw my seeds and how small they were. But so far so good. I’ve only tried to do 6 ilgm seed so far and only one didn’t grow. But that seed was black to begin with. I’ve never seen a black seed before. It didn’t do anything. Then when I dropped another small one it sprouted a tail and turned into a beautiful blue dream. Good luck with your little one and post any more questions you have.

Like Necknflu…I was surprised when my first Chronic seeds showed up. They were the smallest seeds I had ever seen. Used to Mexican sativa huge seeds, I was very doubtful it was going to be a good thing.
They turned into the prettiest most charming Ladies EVER!

It is true…good things can come in small packages.

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