Fading, yellow leaves

This CherryPie has just started to show pistils. But it’s also starting to fade and some leaves are turning yellow with a red vein and red stem. I over-fed a month ago and flushed to get to 300PPM and have been feeding lightly with 3-part Flora series. I just installed an RO filter and did one feeding with that plus 4micro/1grow/5bloom/3CalMag. I’d hate to get another lockout. My last feeding was last night 8/4 and I put in: 625PPM and 6.23pH and got out in the runoff: 600PPM and 6.14pH.
The bigger fan leaves are starting to look like the photo below. Is that a Magnesium deficiency and should I flush more? Any input from you pros would be greatly appreciated.

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Lower fan leaves yellowing is nitrogen deficiency but if she’s starting to flower be careful with nitrogen. you want her to concentrate on flowering not growing new leaves. But that could be a pH problem or a watering problem that is not letting her intake the nutrients.

The plant will feed off of the lower leaves first if it’s am mobile nutrient deficiency.

I wouldn’t worry about the red stems… it could be anything from genesis, to nutrients to light. Just keep an eye on her.


Plant looks good, if you are showing flowers it is time to adjust your nutrient regimen to reflect flowering. This will reduce N even further but normal to common for leaves to yellow and drop as flowering progresses.


I think I had a Magnesium deficiency. I switched to RO system and wasn’t giving enough Magnesium (CalMag) but now the leaves have greened up quite a bit in just a couple of hours.


That red is the hallmark of magnesium deficiency. My pH was of and once I got that in check and ramped up the calmag all was good.

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Sadly, I lost my CherryPie yesterday. I knew she wasn’t doing great as there were a bunch of badly yellowing leaves. I went out yesterday to remove them, and a big branch just snapped off without even touching it. Then, another big branch snapped off. When I looked deep into the canopy, I saw about a 2" area on the main stem that had a grey discoloration and was wet with an oozy milky discharge. There were black looking beetles and small white worms in that area. I decided to cut my losses and cut her down and concentrate on my other two surviving plants. I didn’t take a photo to show you, but does anyone have an opinion as to what caused this? Either the bugs were there because of the rot, or the bugs caused the rot? I hadn’t treated with any pesticide spray, but I treated the other two after noticing this.