Fabric Smart Pots

Should a saucer be placed under the Smart Pot?


I will call in auto pot user @Screwauger but I believe last time I seen this question he said you can place either in or out I believe he puts his in the pot

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Hey @DRDON I do not think it will harm anything to place on a saucer but not necessary. Are you indoors or outdoors. Outdoors the smart pot with root into the ground. Indoor not so much but if you mean for water collection or something, no problem.

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I use a saucer under my smart pots it works great help with collecting of run off and keeps everything off floor
But still not required @DRDON
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Just like any other pot, if you don’t want to get water all over the floor you’ll want to use a saucer. You can also get your runoff water that way.


I use them and place them on an elevated closet shelf (the white one that is made of steel wire) that way air can get to all sides. When I water, I simply place a container underneath to catch the run off and never really need to move my pot.


Good evening. For outdoor do you recommend using saucers? If i don’t I won’t be able to move the fabric pots once the roots grow into the ground right? Thanks in advance!