Fabric Pots vs Hard Plastic Pot vs Soft Plastic Bags

Hi everyone,

Im doing an outdoor grow in Australia and i was just wondering what pots i should go for? I used 30L hard plastic pots last time that did the trick but i was wondering if the other type of pots are better and if anyone had some adive?

for example would i be better staying with the plastic because it will hold water better during a very hot 38 degree + day or are the benefits of the airflow in the fabric pots worth me changing over.

Last grow was just me sussing things out but now its time to perfect the art!



I personally am a fabric pot fan. They drain better and they prevent plants from getting root bound. If your going that direction,I suggest getting tan or grey fabric pots as they generally stay cooler in the sun than the black fabric :v:


The airation of the soil will always make fabric pots worth it, MJ needs tons of air and while yes they dry out faster that’s easily cured by adding perlite and vermiculite in your mix


I also vote fabric pots.


Awesome thanks!

Fabric pots are great, they work very well.


Fabric pots helps keep temps from getting to high in the roots and also great for root breathing. Smart pots (fabric ) for the win


I can fill a whole page of absolutely undeniable evidence and personal opinion of the help from cloth pots I’ll save your time and reading and just tell you the results, get fabric pots bottom line and u can fold them down to change their size

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I agree with the others fabric pots are better. I use them in my indoor grows

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cloth pots are the bomb. For outdoor growth they work very good. The fabric allows the roots more 02, better drainage, and environment for your root system. The 10 gallon pots have handles on em so you can move em around to catch the best sun.

I started out with plastic pots, then saw how many successful growers were using fabric pots over plastic. So I switched.

Cheap, easy to use, stores REALLY easy, drainage ? What’s Drainage? LOL Fabric pots eliminate the worry of drainage because if it’s too wet, it will drain off without effort. (Just keep the cloth pot on a brick or elevated and you’ll never have to worry about drainage again. Or put 2 inches of lava rocks in the bottom for EASY MODE drainage) Water and walk away. Come back with a mop in 30 minutes and clean up.

Yeah, I’m gonna say I like fabric pots too. (And I’m a greener than green NOOB who is finishing off the first successful grow)

Have an AWESOME weekend you all.