Fabric Planters

I am a week in on my grow and all (6) plants have sprouted. They are in Red Solo Cups and doing well under the LED lights. Thank you to everyone for your help so far.

I am looking forward to transplanting the plants into their final home and putting them outside in a few weeks. I am thinking about fabric pots. Does anyone have any thoughts on what size to use or would anyone suggest a better alternative.



If Autos 5 gallon seems to be popular. Photos 7 gallon and up depending on the strain.

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I used 7 gallon bags outside they weren’t big enough for the sativa I grew, maybe a 10 gal soft pot=1 large soil bag

with soft pots they dry out very fast in the summer so on hot days prepare to water frequently, that being said I like em because of ease.

Thanks Royc, do you think the 7 gallons fabric pots are good for a first timer? I am in Michigan, USA where it is legal to grow so I really don’t need to be portable or anything like that. I guess I am asking if the fabric pots get you a better grow. If not, what is the convenience?


Thanks Shark :blush:

I’m just south of you. Any air pruning container be it plastic or fabric will give you better results than the old fashioned pots.

Fabric it is. Thanks Shark.

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