Fabric grow pots

I see a variety of fabric grow pots. Some look like a felt type, others are a thinner weed block type fabric.

Does the material they are made of contribute to or hinder the plants progress?

Very simple answer air is the answer fabric lets your plants roots breath the material the pots are made from helps prevent fungus and determines airflow to roots I love the root pruning effect and how they dry even when plants aren’t drinking fast. Your question is on material more than the pots synthetics are less prone to bacteria or fungus felt like may retain moisture a bit better but i think they are more matter of budget and taste

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Look at Air-Pots’ many cultivator use them better than fabric in some ways (“Air-Pots.com”)(a bit expensive)

Don’t like to use fabric pot the second time “Smart Pots” were the first to offer fabric pots

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lol I bring them to laundry mat and wash them after a grow gets them squeaky clean and ready to go again


Just use a natural" soap


20 mule team should work, yes?

lol if I am feeling extra grumpy I hand wash but for 3-4 bucks a pot I get lazy at times