Fabric Bags Question

Planting WW auto in three-gallon fabric bags. Using Rapid Rooters to germinate and will put them into bags that are filled with Happy Frog. Should I water the bag of HF thoroughly before putting the rooters in, or just water the seedlings as normal and add more water as it gets bigger?

When transplanting Heavily water around the rapid rooters, then let it dry out. You should be good for awhile. Water as needed of course. :sunglasses:


put plug in and water that - little by liitle you expand your waterting circle liike mentioned - watch out don’t over water less is best fro a while

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I usually dampen the soil before putting it into the fabric pot.
Put the soil into a bucket and add enough water to dampen the soil.
If you pick up a handful and squeeze it should not drip any water and it should hold together a bit but then fall apart easy when you loosen your grip. This helps the soil absorb the water better later when you add more. Also extends the amount of time between the first few waterings. Newly packaged soil is usually like this, but sometimes it dries out before we get to use it.