Fabric 7 gallon pots

How to judge a good one from a cheep knockoff???

These are pretty good and I like the lighter color


I use the same as above, the vivosun, very happy with them.

I have the black, 10-gal version of those. They seem plenty sturdy.

I’ve seen some from GROWSUN that have “loops” aligned top and bottom to hold tubes of wood,steel,PVC I assume to support a scrog or frame. Anyone use them? Anyone know GROWSUN?

No experience with GROWSUN but I like the Vivosun for cheap ones and Roottrapper II for expensive.

Also Livingsoil pots are good

I had some square ones that had loops in the corners to slide some type of poles or what not into them

These I mentioned were square. Just never used fabric types yet, trying to learn from the more experienced.

I liked them. They don’t really stay square once you get all the soil in them. I liked the fact that it had a place to put poles. I lost them in a move. Next ones I order will be those. I like the 7 gallon one too. You can always roll the tops down to make them smaller if you wish. They’re pretty wide though

Courious if there is a big benefit to increase from 5gal to 7gal??? Just wondering! Feedback much appreciated.

I use 5 gal for plants I don’t intend to veg very long (max 7 weeks.) I had planned on vegging my current veggies for ~10 - 12 weeks, so I put those in 10 gal bags.

Ya I’m thinking I dont need a bigger plant, as it is I’ve all but filled a 2x4x5 tent with one plant in a 5gal pot. I like the idea of fabric pots though.

Due to 5 foot height with lights in there I have to flip at about 15 inches or so, and LST just to keep her out of the lights. Gotta start saving a bag of nickles so I can get a taller tent.

I have the 15 gallon fabric pot by Vivosun which will be in use real soon.

Getting within 2/3 weeks from harvest and making plans for next grow.

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I can vouch for those vivosun as well. I have 5 of them in 5gal size. Still look brand new even after throwing them in the washing machine

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Yes they have square ones with the loops as well. I’m gonna order them. They are part of the tweaks I will make next grow.

The square ones give you an option to add support posts. They would come in handy with your current grow, lol.

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Kinda thinking the same thing.

I found the vivosun square with loops on Amazon