F2F Strawberry fields soil

Had anyone used the FF Strawberry fields soil? If so, any opinions or suggestions?

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I hadn’t heard of it? Got a link on amazon or something or a pic of the bag so we can look at it?

Thanks for the reply.

Place I deal with was out of 2 cu ft Happy Frog.

Here is the back of the label. Not sure who is around this morning that is good with soils and I have never seed this type of FF Soil before so I will tag a couple of the mentors for assistance

@Paranorman @Majiktoker @Dumme

PS I use FF Ocean Forest and Happy Frog…

Thank you, for your assistance.

Due to bat guano I use for seedlings, creative and flower plants would be fine

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Do you think I should add about 25% perilite, as I do with FFOF?

@Uncleb doesn’t already have perlite in it and did you say you add more perlite to your Foxfarm ocean soil ? I would say if you’re adding that much to Fox Farm and you’re successful give it a shot I’ve never added any perlite to any of my Foxfarm before

When I removed my first grow, in FFOF, soil seemed very compacted. It was almost hardened. Thank you, for your input.

1/3 ffof to 2/3 Strawberry fields. I then add a little perlite and vermiculite and a dab of coco coir works great for autos. An area , (center of pot) ,approximately 6 “dia. and approximately 6-8” deep (use a 20 oz cup to make impression) I fill with Happy frog to make sure seedling doesnt get burn. 6 White widow autos just harvested mid July averaged 4 oz each dry weight. Excellent taste and very potent. Jack Herer autos end of April averaged 6 oz. Each except one I tried to top after 5th node only produced about 3 oz. Oops. Auto Bluetooths averaged about 3.5 maybe 4 oz. Grown indoors with 300w Viperspectra led over each plant on 27/7. So maybe that can shed light on ff strawberry fields.

I have been using this for two years and I love it. I use it through all stages. It will burn your seedlings if you are only using soil!

I just put my popped seed into FFSF today. The date stamp on the bag is 2016 lol. I hope it works out. They were out of Ocean Forrest and they only had this one bag of S.F.