Eyeball advice on trichrome development?

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First time grower and poster here. Enjoying the community and growing at home!

I ordered a jeweler’s loupe (arriving tomorrow), so this may be impossible to answer based on this photo…but I wanted to get any opinions on whether these trichromes look like they’re still maturing (or not)? Also wondering if I should be llimiting the sunlight at this point (pretty strong sun on the East Coast)?

BTW this is Jack Herer auto grown outdoors, grown in 10 gal pot with FF and vermiculite, have been feeding FF BB nutes weekly as of 2 weeks ago).

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Not sure, but I would imagine you have weeks before harvest. How long has she been in flower?

Looks like a week old bud. Gonna guess you got 7 to 9 weeks left.
Just a guess on time left, but guarantee as of now its not ready yet.


I’d say she’s been in flower for 2 weeks?

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Thanks @Spiney_norman :raised_hands:t3:

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and @oldmarine :raised_hands:t3:

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Those are very nice little buds. You’re already covered on timeline. Good luck

Welcome to the community!

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