Eye Hortilux cmh 315 questions

I bought a eye hortilux 315 and the light that came with it seems not near as bright as I am use to. Its seems to be a fairly week blue but hortilux claims this light will do the trick from seed to flower. Anybody’s opinion would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.


I’ve heard that 4000k CHM grows good buds.

I have also heard that.

I’d like to also get opinions on hanging height recommendations.

I grow with 3500k CMH315.

What brand do you prefer? I’ve read good stuff about the Phillip’s 3100k but not sure of its compatible with the hortilux 315.

Phillips or Mega Grow works well for me.

Do you know how I can find out if Phillip’s would be compatible with the eye hortilux 315? Or do all 315 bulbs work in all 315 units? Sorry for the questions, I’m less than a year into this and learning.

There are all the same to my knowledge. I have never seen any different.

Thank you. Thinking about buying one or two extras to have handy. Think I will go with the Phillip’s 3100k.

I can get around 5 grows on a bulb. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a spare.