Extremely Dry skin


The nerve damage I have in my legs,is from the back surgery I had a couple months back , no feeling in top of legs, although it is painful to touch the legs. Nerve pain is the worse of all pain, I’m on 300mg of lyrica day with baclofen as a extra nerve pill ,and its not doing the job right ,but I am at maximum amount aloud for humans.


I cant take those nerve pills they give me bad side effects cause all the meds im on so I take Norco for the pain


My knuckles are pretty dry to but aren’t splitting. I did have the heels of my feet crack a few times but never like that where they bleed.


@thaproduct22 makes a cannabis balm that would be PERFECT for your dry skin!! Let me see if I can get her in here to help you out!!



B-complex for nerve repair coupled with a couple trips to the chiropractor

For dry skin use “outdoor hands intense skin therapy”

Works great


I have an infused salve I’d definitely gift you if you’re ever in Washington D.C.


@thaproduct22 , not sure I’ll ever get there but thank you. Living in Australia could make it a little difficult. ,lol


You could just make some your self just grab some raw Shea butter coconut oil and infused grape seed oil. Add some lecithin and put all in a mason jar on a double boiler and heat on low for 8-10 hours.


Thank you ,will go buy the ingredients.


@BudBuddy, hi my name is Mike and when I was reading you answers in this thread and I thought I was reading my own medical report. Your dry hands, coat them in Vaseline and where plastic gloves to bed. In two day’s you should see a noticeable improvement. I also have copd and use advair and tudorzo. I have terrible nerve pain in both feet and a right leg that has nerve damage. I take lyrica, opana which is a morphine based drug and oxycodone. I still smoke a little bud in my bong, but most times I vape anymore. I also where a c-pap with oxygen at night. I am sick to death of taking pills! If it wasn’t for pot I would have lost my mind a long time ago. Boy it’s getting late, got to go, Mike


Hi, I read this and feel compelled to respond. Someone mentiond Shea Butter. I was in the Shea Butter business for a while and I know all about it, so allow me to help.
I get mine on Amazon and buy it 3 pounds at a time. Look for pure, unrefined, African Shea Butter. It comes to you the way it left Africa. There’s “white” and “yellow”. The yellow is more pungent, a little heavier (masseuse’s say it has more “drag”) The white is more creamy and has a nutty, almond type aroma. It can be mixed with several different things but it’s not necessary. Personally, I use it twice daily. After showering in the evening, I put it on my feet and put on white sox. I’m a 60 year old guy and my feet are pink and soft. :slight_smile:
I love Shea Butter. Lol. What I like most is hearing the ways it’s helped people that I’ve given it to. My favorite is my barber. I went in for a hair cut and he had 2 or 3 bandaids on each hand and food service gloves on. I said, Joe, what’s the matter? He said, my hands get so dry from washing hair and they’re split and hurt so bad I can barely hold the scissors.
I went home and got him some Shea Butter. In a month, I went for a haircut and he couldn’t wait to tell me how he loved it. The first day he had it, he put some on his hands, put on gloves and went to bed. In the morning, the cuts were 80% gone. The next night he did the same thing and woke up with no cuts at all. His only problem now is keeping it from his wife. She was hiding it on him until she bought her own. She says she’s noticed small wrinkles disappearing.
Do a search on Shea Butter and read up on it. Dry skin will be a thing of the past.