Extremely Dry skin


Just wondering, if anyone else on here that doesn’t use a daily moisturizer, suffers from extremely dry skin, to the point it just splits open.???


Just my right hand but it does it in three different spots.


@Coltfire @Ds401 Have you been checked for diabetes? That tends to happen a lot to diabetics.


I have but checked out clean although it does run in the family. I use to screen print when I was fresh out of high school o think it’s from the chemicals we.used.


@Ds401 I have COPD and blame it on the chemicals we used. Printing industry from 1991 to 2003 before becoming fully disabled and unable to work.


I have some silk screen equipment! I tried to sell it last week but the guy wanted to low ball me.


I was type 2 diabetic, but was cleared 3 years ago, and have regular screening, as it runs through my family, but type1


Glad you got through that battle, my wife has type 2 but shes been on Applecider Vinegar and her A1C is dropping


My mom has type 2, sister as well


Braggs Apple Cider vinegar believe it or not it is working for her. 1 tablespoon in the morning before breakfast and 1 in the evening before bed.


How do you ingest cannabis? Smoke it? What is the impact to copd?


I smoke if I need a quick fix I also have chronic pain due to nerve damage. I have a vaporizer I use which is better then smoking but I plan to make butter so I can cook with it as COPD and smoking don’t mix and my lungs have slightly worsened.


I also have Copd ,and am about to cook some butter,and intend on cooking it for the full 60 hours



Have you been tested for eczema?

It runs in my family. I have it, and my aunt has it really bad, as described in the OP.

If it is Eczema, the treatments might be different than what you are using. Just a thought.


what medications are you on?


Lots,and I know the meds are a factor,ATM my hands and arms are that split, I look like I’m a cutter,there so deep the split’s


@Coltfire I hope you had a chance to read that before I edited didn’t want to leave all my health issues up. Try using lucerine moisturizer that’s what the dermatologist gave me for dry skin.


Butter now on, slow cookv60 hours,1oz decarbed buds 4 sticks of butter now just let the rice cooker do the job for me. @BudBuddy no I didn’t get to Read before edit.


all knuckles both hands and arms are splitting like this.


Pretty much the meds im on for copd, daliresp, singular and I get a steroid injection every month.