Extreme winter weather in MI

So it’s a huge possiblity that all of us in michigan are going to have one hell of a storm this weekend with all kinds of power outages etc. Due to it being winter we cannot just set our plants outside. Any advice on how to have our crops servive?

Deep cycle marine batteries and a bunch of low wattage bulbs to at least keep them from getting too stressed?

You can get 12V LEDs and CFLs on Amazon / Home Depot, etc.

Generators are always a safe bet.
Next to the batteries comments they make power inverters to run AC things like lights.
On that note, willing to bet nothing happens at all. They always get people scared for nothing. This happens every single year. Snow, ice, what’s new?


I’m with @Covertgrower I remember growing up and the weather forecast would be snow coming expect 4-6”. Now if the wind picks up and we are going to get any snow it is snowmegedon. I think we need rob be diligent and have a plan for our gardens but every time they forecast snow in Michigan it is a weather advisory…really? Come on folks we live in Michigan. Sorry just my rant.

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Pretty much feel the same way. I have extra food, several lanterns, and a camp stove if times get really rough. Plenty of deer for when it gets really bad. Lol. @Bubblehead

I’m don’t consider my self a preppier but we would be okay :smirk::sunglasses:

Lol yeah i know it’s just all the ice that is going to build up on the lines this weekend which has me worries abiut losing power but they are just babies so im sure I can just put them near a window and be okay.

@Bubblehead went to the beach that I won’t name, but it’s Lake Michigan. Was excited to take a look at the waves only find no beach to walk on. It’s going to be a rough summer…


Yikes. I saw the lake today also and it looked angry! Water sure is high and only gating higher. :smirk::sunglasses:

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