Extreme foxtails

                         ![image|375x500](upload://5pcEF4fm30eD8930X3tOQEpH72E.jpeg) Gorilla Glue Autoflower.

Your image didn’t upload. Once you start uploading wait until you see check mark next to blue reply button

Having trouble adding photos. I’m illiterate when it comes to computers!

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First Welcome to ILGM forum. Now what’s the question. Are you wanting to know what is causing them.

No questions, just thought i would share. The result of one Gorrilla Glue auto seed on a 24 hr light schedule. 6 pounds of buds at harvest. Drying now.


That is some ridiculous fox tailing.

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You went on the internet and got pictures from 10 years ago. Look at that phone in your hand. I call shenanigans

That’s insane! Looks like she has dreadlocks

HaHa! Got that phone from my wife on Christmas two months ago. No more hiding for me! If you find those pictures on the internet from ANY years ago you let me know!
Alcatel GO FLIP V. Top of the line in flip phones!