Extraordinary ILGM seeds

Helmethead is pulling through. She might just turn out the best after her birthing stresses? If so she will become the mother of many clones! ;^)

All 3 WWA’s doing great and now on their 4th or 5th node. Unlike some I have already cut the 1st one finger leaves and the 2nd three finger leafs off all the plants. All 3 are growing 5 finger leaves on their newest growth. 1 showing more sativa dominate traits, the other 2 more indica. The sativa 1 has 2 sets of 5 finger slighty more slender leaves.

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Actually, I just noticed the sativa one has grown it’s 1st 7 finger leaves!

Are you suppose to cut off the 3 finger leaves ? I am new, and have never read that.

No don’t cut anything…especially if you don’t know why you would

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The 1st couple of sets of leaves down at the bottom of the plant are never going to do anything much for your plant. As bigger leaves grow above they are going to be shaded from light anyway. You can always just let the plant do its own thing, but there are clear benefits to pruning your plants properly! I’m not telling you to chop off all 3 finger leaves, learn more about pruning and don’t be afraid to experiment with it until you find techniques that work for you to increase potency and yield!

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Thank you, more to learn about.

Got a replacement cable for my camera. Finally.
Day 15 since transferring my WWA to a 3 gal pot with P4P Coco mix. Not sure you can see from these pics, but I cut the 1st 1 finger leaves, 2nd 3 finger leaves, left the 3rd 5 finger sun leaves and did my 1st FIM successfully! This is my 1st time with Autos and I wanted to make sure I did HST cutting early before she started to flower. Also wanted to keep her small as my tent is only 53" tall. I’m not an expert in pruning but am pretty happy with the results of my efforts so far! Comments welcome. Then I got a pic of “Gemini” the twin with my wire to keep em seperated, and “helmethead” both Super Silver Haze Feminized which got transplanted 3 days ago. I know these aren’t very good pics, I’m rusty at using my camera, but I’ll get better. I think those 1st 2 sets of sun leaves I pruned wouldn’t be doing anything worthwhile, now or in the future. The 15 day old WWA will now have 10 budding sites or more instead of 1 big one on top.

recovered shell halves

from twin seed.