Extraordinary ILGM seeds

After having some issues with another seed company in the Nederlands, my brother recommended I check out ILGM. He mentioned he had gotten a couple of strains including Gold Leaf and said all of them grew into some top-shelf smoke. I guess I’m a sucker for a deal, so after picking an indica 10+10 strain deal, I picked Super Skunk Feminized because I didn’t have any indica seeds. I go to checkout and Robert pops up an ad to get 10 Gold Leaf Feminized seeds with this order for 1/2 price. OK, WTH my bro said Gold Leaf turned out killer, so I add them and pay for my 1st order and wonder if these will actually get delivered. My ACH clears immediately and I await shipping confirmation. Well it takes longer than I expect, but within 7-10 days I get a shipped email. In like 3 days later I find my order in my mailbox, no issues. Cool! So I immediately drop 2 SSF and 1 GLF seed in some distilled water with a tiny bit of epsom salt added. All 3 float and in about 24 hours they all pop and sink. I was having problems with seeds germinating and surviving from the other company. So I’m extra careful to not touch the seeds as I put them on the indents of 3 dry peat pods and add distilled water w/Ep salts again. I let the pods expand and the seeds fall into the indented hole. I scrape a little peat from the top over the seeds, pour off any excess water and put them under a small LED light on the 6 on 2 off schedule. Within 2 days all 3 have popped up. So I go and order 10 + 10 White Widow Autos with a $40 off coupon from A Pot for Pot. This time the seeds ship much quicker after the ACH withdrawal, and the 20 WWA’s show up in a few days. I drop 3 seeds in DW like last time and all 3 pop and are transfered to peat pods with the same methods in 24 hours. All 3 of these are up and going in a day or 2. So I get a bigger Pot 4 Pot order with another $40 off coupon and go for another 10+10 deal on some Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds. With the coupons on the 2 orders I paid $4 per seed delivered! So the 20 SSHF seeds arrive even quicker than promised in the shipping email. I’ve never gotten an extra seed in my orders, but never been short either. So I pour out my 20 SSHF seeds and pick the 2 worst looking seeds in the bunch to soak this time. To my getting poorer vision it looks like 1 was fully developed and then crushed into 2 parts sticking together. The other looks a bit deformed and also possibly already cracked. I dropped them into my DW and ES water and they both float. OK, maybe they aren’t crushed after all. Within 24 hours both have popped and sunk and the 1 with the 2 parts has 2 tails sticking out. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that! I carefully use my methods to get them in peat pods. Being especially careful to get the 2 tails pointed down and covered without disturbing it any more. So do you think I will get dueling sprouts from that seed? I’m very impressed with ILGM seeds. So far I’ve got 4 strains from 8 seeds and all looking to make it out of the germination stage in great shape! Damn you, Robert, stop sending me email deal offers on more seeds already! I couldn’t help myself on his OIL seeds offer and had to order another 10+10 Durban Poison Feminized seeds today! These ILGM seeds seem to be extraordinary performers so far, but I know I’ve got far more seeds than I need for this year. How is the best way to store my excess seeds until I need them and keep them 100% viable? I’ve got 3 more deal strains in my wish list but am going to have to stop ordering more seeds until I know I can store them properly until needed! Anyone else ever experienced a twin seed like I did this time?


In a cool, dark, dry place.

The refrigerator is good.

They are much more hardy than you might think: @Covertgrower did a BHO run (butane extraction, cold) with some seedy material then for a lark threw em in the ground to see if they would sprout. They did.


All except one of them, and it’s difficult to say because “that’s growing” it might have been a dud before it went through the ice cold butane bath. Difficult to say, but clearly 99% germ rate isn’t bad.


OK, a butane flash freeze did not invalidate the seeds. I had heard before that putting the seeds in the freezer, protecting them from frost burn of course, was the natural way to store seeds for the long term. Like it turns to winter, the seeds go into hibernation or dormant, and wake up ready to go when it turns to spring again. You don’t want to go through a bunch of freeze thaw cycles though. Also heard that in the middle ages every sailing ship had a barrel of cannabis seeds to make rope or a new sail if shipwrecked. So I do believe cannabis seeds with strong genetics are quite hardy and can be stored for a long time and still germinate fine.

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This was about 2-3 hours in -132°F just throwing it out there. A little colder than your average freezer.

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That gold leaf is freaking awesome. Still have a bunch of those seeds. Was very impressed with it and so were those that partook in smoking the gold leaf I grew. Blackberry Kush is another one of everyone’s favorite.


My current deal wish list.
I’ve got 1 Amnesia and 1 Blue dream from another supplier but had poor germination rates with those.
2 of 4 for the Amnesia and 0 for 4 on the Blue Dreams! Nothing like my 100% ILGM seeds.
Now I could have been the cause of such poor rates, but after reading up on the forums here I think I got something that works well now!
Any suggestions if I can’t resist that urge to order again? I almost added the LSD Fems to the last order and did refuse Robert’s offer for more Gold Leafs this time! LOL
I waited looking for another discount coupon or some more of the points I earned to be available for the next order.

Lol! Sounds like someone has the fever!! Yeah I remember them days well. This " Growing" can be more addictive than gold fever.

Here’s some good advice

When you start panicking on how to store the way to many seeds you bought, that is the sign to stop ordering seeds and plant them.

Just my two cents


Rather sage advice, Gurilla! So the twin tailed seed is up with 2 sprouts. Looks like it will be a good 24 hours ahead of the other seed. Do any of your ever name your plants? This one has got to be called “Gemini”! Clearly it would be foolish to ever attempt to separate this Siamese twin plant. This will be interesting as how to train this extraordinary seed’s growth! I guess some of you more experienced growers have also experienced the twin seed phenomenon. This is a 1st for me.

Any thoughts on G13 from ILMG?

Only 1 review must be a new strain of ILGM? My overly confident 18 yr old son and I got 1 g of top-shelf “OG 13” in an Amsterdam coffee shop on a 6-hour layover. We smoked less than 1/2 of it and it sent him into the stratosphere! He turned into an overly tired toddler for the next 8+ hours. A little stressful for me to make sure we got back for our flight with a dazed and confused adult who can’t seem to talk anymore. Just gave the shop back what was left as I could not see trying to board our next flight with the OG13 in my pocket and him like that. LMAO Newbies should be careful with such high THC strains, IMHO.

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Just waiting on the mail

G13 Gold Leaf and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme are all on my radar for next season outdoor grow

gonna grow em big n stanky

Don’t remember ever having a twin seed, a rare find indeed.

Grows wild around here so I’m tole. That’s the weed made at the NWO college we once called Ole Miss. In other words Govmnt Weed. I wouldn’t smoke it for a million dollars.

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Good thing I don’t smoke

So with the 20 Super Silver Haze seeds I was looking for a few seeds that I thought looked like the least likely to germinate. I have been having such dramatically better results with ILGM seeds (100% germination) that I wanted to see if I was just lucky so far. Gemini popped out of the peat pod in less than 24 hours, the 2nd seed had popped and a tiny tail seemed to be emerging when I put it in the peat pod but it hasn’t come up or even seemed to bulge the peat above it yet. Still less than 48 hours since it went in the pod and I’m expecting to see something moving in it soon if it is going to make it. I’m learning these pods should not be excessively wet or have any water sitting in the little dish I put them in. The peat in the pod that is yet to show its head yet does still look darker than Gemini’s pod. I now try to let the pod top show a much lighter shade of color before I spritz the dish it is in with 3 squirts from my spray bottle, which the pod then quickly sucks up! I think I may have been the cause of such poor germination rates before by keeping the pods sitting in some water at all times.

I did remove the seed husk off Gemini and might be able to post a picture of it sometime in the future to show what a twin seed looks like.


I wish I had a camera I could use to take pics to post here! The 2nd malformed Super Silver Haze seed has finally emerged. I had to assist it some by scraping off some of the peat on top of it. It still has its shell stuck on it but it is now above ground and growing so I’ll give it some more time before I try to assist it again. Gemini the twin needed to stop hugging each other so I simply put a small safety pin in between their stalks. It seems to be doing the job to keep them apart for now. Both sprouts now get their own light without being blocked by the other.

#2 SSH I’ll call helmet-head. She looked like she wasn’t going to be able to make it, so I intervened. I as gently as I could I got her chin strap open and got the helmet off her head, but it looked like all the padding from inside her helmet was still stuck to her head. I let her take a break in the sun for about an hour and she still looked ill and like she was about to faint. So I intervened again and as gently as I could I got the padding off her head and let her sprout leaves open up and start to breathe. She still looks to be on death’s doorway but I’ve done all I can do for her. So it is up to her now if she’s still got any fight and will to live left in her. We’ll know if she’s gonna make it within the next 24-48 hours. I feel like a trauma surgeon on this one! LOL

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