Extract with coconut oil

I’ve made cannabutter several times, but tried coconut oil for the first time last evening, using the freeze-dried trimmings from last year’s harvest. Didn’t want to use any buds, 'cause last year’s yield wasn’t all that great. Not a problem this year, though harvest time is still weeks away.

Now I have at least five different ways to brew coffee, one of which is a decades-old Chemex. Their lab-grade filters work perfectly - and efficiently. Not a drop was wasted. The product will be used as a topical analgesic.



We extract in coconut oil all the time.
Use it in everything.
Mostly edibles, but some topical, put it in coffee, tea, or just eat a scoop.

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Infused coconut oil and simple syrup
They were infused using tincture made from bud
Cleaned up the tincture with carbonX and Celite 545 to get most of the “plant” taste out

There is a lot you can do with your grow now

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