Extra plants with no exhaust fan

So it’s kinda a long story , but I had a friend want to start growing so I said I’d start some plants for him while he got set up, anyway never showed up to get them and gave up entirely . So I have my closet + 6 plants all mid veg or close in another . Now I don’t want to convert the second closet because as much as I enjoy growing I eventually will be moving into a 4x8 . That said I have no ventilation or fans in the second . Will this be a problem I can move them into my closet in about a month when my plants grow out . I have a small fan on them and the door open always with both windows open in the room. Idk I want to grow them out but I’m not trying to make a weed room .

Can they go outside?

Not yet , unfourtunatly on the same time line as moving them in the closet

It might be a do your best kinda thing . Lol. If they make it they make it

Put them outside or take clones and toss the rest in the garbage


Didn’t think of clones thanks

They cannarados too . Watermelon gushers , and I got roc bud genetics in there. Idk I’m just wondering if they will make it with just windows open and closet doors open . They seem happy

Probably will survive but they won’t be getting much light at all with just a window open. U can try it tho. If not its just a plant you can always grow more


Probably should have said I have to old burples on them . 200 true watt each

Even blurples like that can veg a long time