Extra light outdoor?

Question from a fellow grower:

I’ve got some beautiful flowering ladies which are growing outside
but the weather is changing earlier than normal and it’s regularly quite
cloudy. Just wondering if I can increase the intensity of light by
using additional lights outside, and if so which lights should I use?
Any advice much appreciated.

Technically cloudy wheather the sun has stronger rays, which is in terms brighter, you don’t need to add additional lights


I was going to post a similar question, my plants have a couple weeks to go, it’s been down to 46 degrees at night and sun is slanted at an angle where my plants don’t get much sun. South is wooded area. Can I put my grow light over top of plants? They are inclosed in a trellis.

As long as you don’t go over 12 hours to naturally simulate light outdoor maybe wouldn’t wanna go over 10-11 hours for them

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As long as you can safely run a lamp outdoors. Make sure you provide solid water proof protection for the lamp.

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I don’t use the lamp if it’s raining. I can see Amber tricomes forming already from using the light.

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Just been doing some browsing and thought to check something with you…
Maybe a post earlier on outdoors and saw this post now…

Would I be able to add some simple solar led down lights to lengthen my grow cycle for veg stage from present sunlight of 10hrs to say 18hrs? Turning the led solar light on for a few hours before sunset and one or two hours before sunrise - thus giving the plants 18hrs but utilizing good sunlight for most of the day?

You can do whatever you want. I would not do this if I grew Outdoors but, others have asked me and gone ahead and added lamps outdoors doe extra hours.

I never use long photo periods. For years I have vegged at 15/9-16/8

my last grow, I finally went with natural timing and vegged at 14/10 and then flowered under 12/12. This was a very successful grow, and I would not have had any better results with a longer veg period.

If you want to add lamps outdoors you will have to add some serious lighting, and you also need to surround grow with reflective material or you will be bouncing electrical dollars all over the yard and not on your plants. I will say 10 hours light is too short. Let us know what you decide to do. Peace

Sorry, I cannot be of more help. :slight_smile:


Hey LW, @latewood
Your input and feedback greatly appreciated!!
Putting some things together - will stay in touch with u on this.
Many thanks :slight_smile:


I did some research for you. I have friends that do extend both sides of the natural daylight with a certain lamp. I will try and find out exactly what lamps they were talking about, this week; If I can :slight_smile:

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I have just finished an outdoor grow. The plants only received direct sunlight till 13:00 so added 4 LED,
2 x 900W and 2 x 600W for the entire flowering period. Also turned them on when cloudy.
So the next grow in the same place with poorer conditions, as the rainy season has started here,without the added light and what i see is that it makes absolutely no difference.

I am 10 days from harvest, if you grow outdoors, apart from vegging, there is no need to add light. But i live in a tropical climate so sun intensity is very strong, even when cloudy.