Explanation please...for newbie


Could you please explain to me how you get feminized seeds. And also what is an Autoflower seed


Colloidal silver is a way to get feminized seeds other than buying them and an auto flower means they automatically flower when they see fit instead of ofg the amount of light they get


I may be wrong but I think if your plant hermies and makes seeds they are feminized


hermaphrodite plants produce hermaphrodite seeds… it is a lose-lose situation. Nobody wins when your little girl cant figure out her gender…


What about seeds that I find on some of the bud I grow every now and then. All my plants come from feminized seeds


O. First question. I I’ve these kind of questions.

OK. First question…How to get feminized @joshawa is correct !

2 . Secon

Auto-flowering varieties of marijuana don’t rely on a change in light schedule to determine when to flower. These strains (sometimes called “Lowryders” or by their species name “Ruderalis”) will finish their whole life cycle in two to three months, regardless of how much light they receive a day. See a grow journal featuring auto-flowering strains.


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