Explaination needed

I am so confused what is the top cola and how do I identify it and how do I top and Fim’m?

The top cola is the very first main stem, usually the tallest in the center of the plant. This diagram shows you how to top and fim it.


If it helps, MJ grows in a pyramid shape

Do most growers top the plants? I am first time grower and curious of what the advantages are.

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Can you help id what I should do here or just let her be ?

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You top or fim a plant to keep it short and encourage more side branching. Many growers do this, but it’s not necessary unless you’re growing in a very short tent.

A lot of indoor growers do.

What size space you growing in

My living room lol

:rofl: lucky. Then the choice is yours. I like bushy plants.

First grow

You could approach it two ways. You can either just let her go and watch or you can get in there and try everything and learn. If you screw up chalk it up as learning and it’s your first grow.

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I would rather it be bushy than touching the ceiling

Do you get a better yield by topping?

More budsites equals more buds.

so in my picture where do I top or fim it

@raustin. Please advise on the top or FIM

I think I will try topping, I too prefer bushy verses height. And when is the appropriate time to top?

Do you have a side pic??

Don’t worry. You can’t screw it up. I usually FIM but that’s my personal preference.