Explain drying vs curing

I am reading as much as I can, so forgive if this is redundant. From what I’ve read drying takes about a week or so. Then the curing, what does the curing add to the buds? Differing from just the dry stage?

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Yep. You dry to remove majority of moisture, and then cure is more like a very slow fine tuned dry. You’re pretty much keeping them from getting too dry while allowing the chemicals within the buds to breakdown and off gas.


Youll gail smoothness and flavor as well during the curing
Think of it like aging a good wine @ReMoLu
Drying can take up to two weeks depending on environment and rh levels
The longer you cure the better your smoke will be


@Countryboyjvd1971 great to know, thanks

I grew two different strains last grow one was cured in 12 days. The other took almost a month. If you grow ak47 itll taste like azz for a month. After that good smoke.


In the “guides” section at the top there are good articles that talk about drying and curing.

Heh. Mine happens to be amnesia what takes month curing and then taste is normal. Idk what goes wrong or…

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How long did you flush before harvest? I go 2 weeks before harvest straight ph h20 & sugar last two weeks. Helps with taste.

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Same. 2 weeks.

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Mine had kinda a peppery taste at first, but i liked it. It did go away after probably 3 weeks curing.