Final defoliation and rearrangement for max light exposure (if possible PLEASE check my journal and see the evolution of the plants).

I hope and I mean I REALLY HOPE they will give me a GOOD YEALD.
It’s exactly 2 week and a half of flowering. Am I screwed or is it actually going good?

I want to know in your opinion because I’m worried I worked super hella hard for my second grow ever (first time I did LST and defoliation) and I watched meticulously every cue and videos and that’s the result.
Any suggestion to improve something?
It’s gonna be a lot of weed?
It’s Ciritcal+2.0 and I don’t know. Looks like a beast.
But I’m still worried.


I’m no expert, but they look good, they will fatten.up a lot.A good plant that size could easily give you 10 oz.


What are you using for light?


10 oz in general or PER PLANT?

285grams per plants oh my god I would cry of happiness if I could get even 250g out of that IN TOTAL ahhahahha don’t give me false hopes :rofl::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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400watt hps.

I have two lights - one used for veg and was with white spectrum (kind of hps but maybe sodium? Can’t recall) and then I put this one that is for flowering

For 5 beasts: I know it’s not a lot but people keep saying they’ve seen huge things with a 400watt

Looking good. Something you might consider next time is LST or supercropping for the tops that are way higher than the rest of the canopy.


I get 12 oz.from one plant routinely and I’ve only been doing this 3 years .Sometimes I get less but 10 is easy.

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My smallest plants a fraction that size still always give me at least a quarter pound after trimming and drying easy, have patience no such thing as a 8 week flowering phase expect to have them for another 2 months flowering but you will have a healthy yield just make sure timers are set and keeping up with watering/nutrients and don’t forget to flush!

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You need more light

Keep. Environmental conditions as good as possible, what’s the venting situation? Get air flue in there and ensure a breeze on them


But I did LST check my journal mate

So like a 4 total month of flowering or you mean 2 months from now? Jesus can’t wait to see the results, but it’s gonna be so embarrassing that I won’t get your results.

I wonder how 10oz a plant is even possibile ahhaahha I know it’s totally true but it would be a wish coming true.

I would be happy with 50grams per plant but who knows…hopefully 2 months gonna give me the answer.

I know but I already linked the light to that crappy 400watt adapter.
I wish I had more light power.

I have a 400 w mh wong in my spare bath i grew autos under my beat was about 3 zips from an auto bubblegum i grew in hydro bucket. Main cola was about 4 inches round and 10 inches long. They were light and airy because of the loghting situation. Lol. 400 w is good to flower like a 2x2 may e a 3x3. I even added 2 600 w growstar blurples with cree cobb lights in there for them. It will give u buds but dont expect it to be a nug u can feel as a super dense bud. Hell in alot of spots after dried u can see thru the buds they were so airy. Ut tasted and smelled amazing. Might have a pic from after i cleaned the main cola not sure erased all my pics out of my phone


Lollipop them when you flip lights, I like to have full defoliation of all lower growth up to the tightest top nodes by the end of 1st week after flipping.

A topping or two during veg doesn’t hurt either, make some nice branches for you to grow huge colas on

It’s a learning experience and you’ll eventually find what works best for you and your plants.


56 days to go take a look!!!

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