Experimenting with Using More Added Components in Soil Before Planting

I am going to try something new for me this grow. I am trying to maximize all the possible enzymes and nutrients pre-planting. I am going to try Mushroom Compost among others, to see what I can put into the soil before planting. I used to do this when I grew a garden as a kid. Loved working in the summer to get everything just right and have max yield. I can’t work anymore and just can get around enough to grow at home. I plan to put some good time in studying the different additives to maximize my grow. I prefer to have as little chemicals as possible in my medicine. I have started using it as medicine about a month ago and I am astonished that it helps so much.

Some of my entries may be rambling as I do take my “Prescribed Pills” to keep my wife happy. Prefer not to use but that is another thing.

Hope I get some good information on this grow. Pics as I can . . .

We look forward to seeing how your grow progresses. Welcome to ILGM Grow Support

I have a chance to pick up a 540 watt (180 lights x 3 watts) LED from a friend that works well but he just does not like it. It is an Advanced Spectrum and is a really nice light. I’ve seen his results from last year and they were awesome. My big question is, will this be too much light for my tent? I have a 2x4x5 foot tent with 4in fan and charcoal filter. I am concerned that it is going to be hard to control from burning my plants. The light is rated for 6x6 feet for veg and 5x5 feet for flowering at 24 inches. It states that it is the grow equivalent of 1000 watt HID. Is this too much light for my room? I am trying to change all the nutrients and a lot else this upcoming grow. Would this light just complicate the grow?

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I’m really not sure. Advanced I believe has a hotline number or their website has help that might be able to answer your questions.

With most LEDs running 180 x 3watt LEDs, the actual watts being pushed through the LEDs would actually be only about half, so about 270 actual watts.

If this is actually the case, you might be ok, because you usually want 50 watts per square foot, 8 square feet x 50 watts is 400, and you would normally want a minimum of a 400 watt HPS for your area. With a good LED system you can go down to a minimum of 35 watts per square foot, which equals 280 watts, so you might be able to use it as long as you keep it at least 24 inches away from the canopy.

And who knows, you might be able to even let it get closer without bleaching, but maybe check with Advanced to know for sure.

White Widow is one thing I am pretty sure that it will help the soil. Also looking at some enzymes to get the mitochondria jumping. I have been so busy with personal and harvest that I haven’t had so much time to consider all my options for soil enrichment. Got to get studying and learn more about soil.
Have some worm castings and guano that I bought during the grow but never got to use as I bought it too late. Waiting on seeds so no hurry right now.
Last grow was a huge awakening and I want to add to that. I am learning the some very important lessons now, drying and curing my current harvest. It is going to take more time than I thought to get the handle on this whole growing process. I definitely consider this the most important of the grow.

Well, looks like this grow is suspended until new seeds arrive. In the meantime, I am going to try keeping my WW in bloom mode and see how it can do again. Latewood said that he did it and had fun. After the last grow, I think it might be enjoyable to sit back and use my knowledge on this project before starting another. I am looking forward to getting some monster colas this time if it is possible.

Here’s to BIG BUDS!

This Topic is closed due to stopping the grow. Apologize that I did not find this and wanted to get started. See my new thread in Grow Journals, First Auto Grow - Blueberry