Experimenting with “coots” mix soil

I found out about coots mix from kis organics. They have a lot of great podcasts.

Of course you can ask me for advice.

Thanks. So far so good. Closing in on 2 weeks above ground. Had a
T5 light on it and it was kind of slow. After a consult with dbrn the light wizard, I switched to my hlg135 r spec. That brought her to life. I have it at 24" and almost half power. When she gets a little bigger I will transplant her into a bigger pot. I am gonna follow along on your experiment. Funny last time coots dominated early and then ffof closed the gap in flower. I have some broken up oyster shells that I put in my mix. I will be looking for deficiencies in calcium. Peace…

Any updates?

I’m ridiculously busy getting a business off the ground. My grows are finishing up, and I’ve barely had time to keep up with them.

At this point I find the coots mix to be amazing for veg, but if the plant to container size is off (not enough soil) the plants start to get hungry mid flower. Could be my compost/castings, but I’m not skimping.

I’ve supplemented a couple with Earth Juice nutes. Buds are def a bit denser and flavorful compared to fox farms.

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Take care of that business and just check in when you can. Appreciate it slinger- peace…