Experimenting with auto topping and tying down

I tried to get as best a shot as possible. And then, anything I have to tie or move out of the way I fasten it to the wood strips or…the pot itself. Lets see what she does now that she has begun flowering.

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This is how I have the bottom of my room set up. Depending on the grow, I tie to the wire shelving that I have running horizontally on the ground.

And here is a shot of the girlie…


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Thank you!

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I am tryin LST on 2 Northern lights and then I’m going to go with Scrog as soon as my new lights get here. Here are a couple of pics of Grow room #1. 2nd set of pics is of grow room #2 and I have an AK-47 and a gold leaf. Gonna let the AK grow normally and trying topping and scrogging the gold leaf. All input is appreciated. Thank you…:sweat_smile::thinking::sweat::v:

101_6772 101_6773 101_6774


They look beauteous!! Good luck with them. Here she is now…pardon the pink pic.

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@KayC. I like the dowel and plywood strip idea. You will have to check out my latest grow and check out what I’m working on. Might give the group some new ideas. Happy growing everyone.

Hi All,

Was reading this topic and thought I might have a helpful tip… I had two successful outdoor grows this year despite some angry squirrels that seemed to have it in for my plants. After they dumped my pots twice, I began to see they weren’t after the plants at all, but wanted to rummage through the dirt in my pots, so I decided to take some metal screen and put it over the soil to stop the digging. It worked great. I cut the screen to the size of the pot, then drilled holes along the sides of the pots and used bailing wire to “stitch” the screen to the pot so it couldn’t be removed. Turned out to be a fine way to knock off the rummaging squirrels and after reading this thread, I am thinking it would also make for a fantastic tie downs if you’d like to be tying your branches down. It’s quite solid once you sew it to the pot, so no worries about pulling it up or having it shift. Here’s a couple pics from after a grow I did that should give you the idea. Hope it helps!

Final pics?, did the topping work?