Experimenting with auto topping and tying down

Hello lovely people! I started this lady (Norther Lights Auto) 5 weeks ago. She started off strong so I decided to top her. I’ve actually topped her 2xs. I wanted to see how long she would veg for and if it would be possible to do. She is the 2nd auto I’ve topped and the first one was a Critical Purple that still has a few weeks to go but she is doing great (other than a little nute burn from a few weeks ago). With this one, I wanted to have full control of the tops. I have removed some of the bigger fan leaves here and there and do tucking but she comes back after a days rest with a vengeance. Has anyone tried tying the way I’m doing it? Anyways, my girls are like my babies…and I notice any little change. I noticed some weird twisting towards the ends if her fingers…PH in ranges from 6.2-6.5 however, I notice at runoff the ph is 7ish. I always add calmag in between feedings at 1.5ml per gallon and superthrive. Any thoughts?

Nutes- Fox Farm Trio
Great White



Looking good.

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You’ll want to work on getting your pH runoff down. 7 is high. Next water/feed, try going in with 6.0. If you can’t your pH down via regular feed/watering, you’ll want to consider a flush.


Hey there! Ok. So, on 12/4 I flushed with Sledgehammer & Big Bloom water Ph’d at 6.5…she has been fed since then. When I feed next, should I feed with water at 6.0 and allow lots of runoff to make sure the roots stay low? Thank you!

After I feed my hungry, hungry hippos (my lovely Family :blush:) I will take her out and get a picture in normal lighting…

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Just allow for your usual amount of runoff.

cannot see pics…unless it’s white light

I just tied her down. She is doing great. The only thing is the twisting on the tips. Not sure if that’s just the leaves (due to growth) or if something’s off a wee bit off.


Genius. That gives me an idea. I gotta get some supplies now

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You have to see the tops I have popping up. I only had one dowel…I ended up cutting a couple strips of plywood for the bottom 2. I told the Hubby, he is lucky I have a workshop! :wink::hugs: Well, here she was this morning-

And now this evening…20181214_182407


Did you ever get the supplies??? Look at her go! She is doing very well! She handles the gentle bending and tying and bud sites are just trying to race to the top of the canopy…here are some updates…

Uploading: 20181227_175515.jpg…


Whats you ph and TDS?
They look rich in nitrogen.
What and how much are you feeding them?

I feed them 1x per week and give them plain PH water @ 6.5 in between feedings when and if needed. I never get PPM above 1000 and since Coco is a salty-lover- lover I flush between weeks 4-5, 7-8 and after that it really depends on the plant and how long she flowers for. Now, in my light it doesn’t look “Nitrogeny”…I mean, this plant is not 1 shade of green right now. There are a couple fan leaves that are a bit darker green…but, as a whole and in my light…I think it may be something else
going on…oh $#!/! @all- Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!!! (Gonna try and take a better pic for ya! :hugs:)

OMG! I totally forgot to tell you I absolutely LOVE your clever name! :sunglasses:

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I havent yet, but what I have in mind is to have a metal screen with 2 inch squares that i lay down below the plant on top of the soil so when I tie down i have something to tie to.


@basementstealth, great idea. I have a tie down issue too. I started to use fabric bags and tying down is an issue. When I used plastic 5 gallon buckets I could put some screws in the side and tie down to them. Kind of hard with the fabric pots.

@GFDuke @basementstealth with the fabric pots (before my idea of putting the strips of wood across the stems) , I used to use safety pins. @GFDuke, put the pins wherever you want them and then use the pipe cleaners or wire to tie down the stems…works great! The Northern lights has the wood strips

you can’t really see the safety pins in this pic…but my HazeXL has the pins and then I used the pipe cleaners to do the training and attach it to the safety pins…

Good Idea @KayC. Thanks!

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The safety pins on the edge of bag are a good idea, but doesn’t give me the geometric options I want. I think a horizontal trellis extending beyond the edges of the pot will give the all the wire attachment points I want.

On my next grow I’m thinking of doing a couple photos and training them into monsters, I’m gonna need something to tie down to

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I was thinking that a piece of something like a sheet of chicken wire cut to the size of my tent and laying it on the floor. Put the pots on it and then being able to tie down anywhere i’d like. But then comes the problem of not being able to take the pots out of the tent.

Agreed. Thats why I think a wire mesh that’s kinda heavy and stiff on top of the dirt and around the main stem of the plant and under the foliage will provide a short distance for tie down

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