Experimentation (w/ filtered out UVC), UVB Lighting doses for up to 50 percent increases in THC

Looking for others in deep w/ THC developement using UVB


I’ve seen one grow with it implemented via a tanning type bulb for a short duration during mid light. Report was it didn’t change anything. Didn’t follow it to closely though.

Killed 2, through learning techniques. 3rd turned out scary. All i can say is i havn’t seen anyone go pass second hit. Major complaints about blacking out and entering into a colorful world of halucinations. I may have said too much. Looking for other others who might have tried this experiment. I might have stumbled into a " not to be told about subject". Good day, by the way it seems to affect the higher THC strains the most.

@Dijuna I have tried this but I am interested and would love to learn more about increasing tch and cbd.
Have you looked into a strain called LSD. Most seed banks claim it has psychedelic tendencies.
Any info you have on raising THC please post.