Experimental hydroponic setup with four plants


A question of a fellow grower:
I have an experimental hydroponic setup with four plants. Hundred liter circulating water.Plants are six weeks old and growing like crazy. Water pH drops drastically every day. I add pH-up every morning to correct pH to 5.7. Does this mean anything to you or is it normal? Thanks


How much is drastically? You should join the forum to get more help. Several hydro guys here and I’m just starting out in hydro.


Hi There. By drastic drop in pH I mean a drop from 5.7 to 5 overnight. Small mistake in my original mail. The plants are 9 weeks old and still on 18/6 hours light schedule. I was just wondering. Does this means anything?


Hmm I think everyone suffers from drifting ph to some extent. By lets ask some guys who have done it for a while. @bryan @boardsbird @peachfuzz


Personally I would keep an eye out for signs of phosphorus deficiency. And a pic of course


What do your roots looks like, its problems probably there. what temp is your res.?
If your not using hydroguard, start and if you are already keep pushing PH back to 5.8 and they will more than likely grow out of it when they get bigger.
Post a pic, gives Us a better chance to see the problem.


Thanks for the replies and tips. We had a heat wave and temperatures were fluctuating between 24 degrees C to 32 degrees C. Everything else looks fine. Roots are white and leaves in excellent condition. Forced temperature down at great cost and added phosphorus. All seems well now. Have gone over to 12/12 light cycle.
Thanks for the info. Regards JW