Experimental grow

so i had started a moby dick auto just as a learning experience for topping(topped 3 times along with lst and trimming a few lower branches)- didnt really expect it to go well, also using cheap $3 a bag(dollar general) soil that had no nutes in it so been feeding since it was about a week old…well so far my “experiment” happens to look better at this stage than anything else ive grown​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Beautiful. Well done.

Nice work!! Looks like your nutrients are working out.


I would say it is definitely going well. Looks great!


Great experiment! She looks nice and healthy.

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The auto cooperated and gave you time to experiment. Nice quadline.

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idk if she gave me the time or not, pistils were already showing before any topping was done

They started flowering before you topped them 3 times?

yea, it did slow down a bit but not all that much

correction…just looked at my book at the 1st topping was before pistils showed, did top twice after along with lst and trimming a few lower branches off

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