Experiment on "Charlie Brown's tree"

I just was curious about if I could get just fluorescent and cheap LED’S to grow a nice Indica OG Kush “Charlie Brown tree”. It’s in week #1 of 12/12 bud light cycle. As you can see I’m using 2 cheesy Amazon LED’S & a 125W fluorescent with shield. It has never been under any other lights & it gets strictly fed water from my DWC system and its in a 1 gallon pot. No intake or exhaust except for when I open the closet door! Now that’s funny. The pot’s small I know, but like I said its an experiment. I’d say it’s going pretty well considering I’m not doing much to it or for it. Maybe even bud of the month? Seeds were bought here. Any who let me know what you folks think :thinking:. Thanks.


I think youre having a good time with it keep it up man I enjoy my gardening too I think we all do. My first was in a closet, same ventilation setup, but with HPS lights, it was fun, I could see a cloud over the tops when I opened the door in the am :laughing: gotta have ventilation or you could also rot your room, and buds will taste bad


Looks more like Clark Griswold’s tree from “Christmas Vacation”. It blew out the living room windows! LOL :evergreen_tree:

Nice budlets forming!

So, near hurricane conditions? :tornado:It would be if it was me looking at her every 15 minutes!


I love the reply’s!

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I will keep that in mind. I had a monster top kona once it got rot from to much internal moisture and not enough air circ. But I should be able to counteract that due to when it gets to week #4 & on I’ll probably due like suggested “have a hurricane from opening the door ever 15 minutes” syndrome going on.


This is from a bag seed that my Bro In-law found. She is finishing week 2 from flip. She started flowering within a couple of days of 12/12.


I like them genetics if I understand it right. Tendency for reproductive stage or early onset, something like that…

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Yeah, good trait for a photo. Wouldn’t be desirable if it was an auto though.
Would probably look like this one that is on the chopping block for tomorrow.
It’s 12" high.(at it’s peak)


Everything but the kitchen sink.

King Plus 125w
Bestva cobb 125 -130w ?
Kind flower bar 50 - 60w
Feit Electric 25 - 30w

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I just finished an OG. Hardest plant to grow I’ve grown in a while. Never could get leaf rust spotting under control. Good luck. I’m betting the buds will be fluffy, but you never know.

Ya I’m not happy with autos either. Heres 1 of mine. I’ll be lucky to get an 1/8. Not really worth it considering money spent on lights, power bill, chemicals, nutrients and my time.


Hey brother at least ypur having a good time and some bud to boot!!!

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Yes, I’m definitely having a good time! But I’m also jealous of YOU FOLKS that have these huge bud gardens. I’ve only gotten that result outside. I can never seem to replicate inside. I read, I try and implement, I fail, I get pissed then I get really baked and then try again.

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They motivate me, like crazy, to grow better and put more effort in it

Now these pics are of OG Kush feminized and she’s in her 2nd week (1st trimester ha ha). Now I’m hoping that she turns out like your guy’s do! I’m switching from DWC system back to quality organic soil. I’ll post more in the coming weeks. Also do you really need to grow in 5 gallon pot? I’m using 3 gallon. Could that be why their not getting huge maybe root bound?
If I may ask what is your soil set up consist of from A to Z please? If not a problem could I please ask for good details? Thanks! I’m revamping my grow room like I said so it all will be extremely helpful, as well as, very thankful!!!

As you can see these are in rdwc. These three are I lgm’s hero mix pack. I repeated week 7 during veg to get the size. I am using general hydroponics nutrients. Keeping the pH at 5.8 or as close to it as I can get. The lights make a big difference I am using yield lab 1000 w double ended MH for veg and hps4 budding. I am running basically a 40% solution of the recommended General Hydroponics nutrient chart. As I was directed by another member here on the Forum. Thank God because I almost killed them with two strong and nutrient thinking I can run full strength in rdwc. This is my first time growing in rdwc. I’ll add it as a major pain in the rear end.

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they have just finished week 3 of flower, so there’s a long way to go yet

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That’s week 3 no way. Mine are just starting week 3 and they DON’T LOOK anything like that!!!

Are you dirt or hydro? If dirt can you please tell me you’re set up? Not gonna lie I want to copy it or at least take a few ideas away from it. Thanks. I wanna garden like yours and the other’s I’ve seen.

Yeah they really are. I wish they were Farther Along. You can’t beat these genetics it’s Skywalker OG, Bruce Banner, and black widow. I love growing marijuana is for Real. With five more weeks to go I can only imagine the pineapples that are going to be in there