Experiment in Monster Cropping

Going to start a grow journal on Monster Cropping.

Took a clone from my White Widow that was 7 weeks into flower.

She rooted very quickly I was surprised but there was no new growth for a few weeks. Started reading again and learned that longer light period was required to stimulate new growth.

Put her under 24hr light for 4 days and she finally showed signs of new growth. How long should I continue 24 hour light?

I have never tried Monster Cropping so here goes.

Developed roots around March 2 and was put into small pot with ProMix HP soil.


Any advice would be appreciated as I have not done this before. @dbrn32 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @garrigan62 @timmyv324 @peachfuzz @neckNflu


I started 6 clones 5 rooted and grew . 4 did really well the 5th was a runt sorta compared to the others. good luck with your grow. Oh I was outside too.


@HJL I read the monster cropping method, i have a question after they have taken root and you get new growth do you need to go back to flowering lighting timers? or do you stay in veg until it gets a certain height? This is all new to me so forgive any stupid questions i may have?

Many Blessings
Raymond :slight_smile:

I am new at this as well and there are no stupid questions. This is my first attempt. I was going to put it on a 20 / 4 light schedule till it gets as big as I wanted then back to 12/12.

I am waiting on the more experienced growers to weigh in.


Great questions @HJL, I am a month or so away from taking my first monster crop clones. Will be waiting to see what the experienced growers have to say on this as well.:writing_hand:

I am also planning on taking some “regular clones” in a few weeks time. My propagation room is nearly ready, just need to eliminate light leaks into the main room.

Thanks for posting your questions.:+1:


I am watching for the answers as well - I have some clones that rooted and are now growing in soil (I took those in Veg) but just yesterday I took 12 from my flowering GLs following @willyj guidelines. I had thought you treat the clones like vegging plants with that light cycle until you want them to flower, but I wonder what happens when they were already flowering. :slightly_smiling_face:


@HJL monster cropping is just like any other cutting or clone. Treat them as you would any clone and they’ll do fine. The experts usually take a number of cuttings and discard any that don’t do well.

24 hours of lights, domed and misted and in 2 weeks you should have a new plant.

I like the technique and it does produce well.


I like to run a 18 on, 6 off light schedule … :wink:
As long as the mother that the clone came from was a light pheno plant and not an auto , she will go back to veg until you go back to a 12/12 light schedule… :wink:

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Yep, have never monster cropped but once you see roots and she’s growing it’s pretty much just another plant. You should be able to veg her just like you veg all your other plants. When you’re ready to flower 12/12 and good to go.


Can you take clones from an Auto?

You can… I’ve seen some on this forum that do it… but I believe your timing has to be just right… because once she starts flowering any clone taken from her will continue to flower as well … so you end up with a tiny flowering plant… :wink:
I don’t recommend taking clones from auto’s tho… :wink:

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Tiny might work well for me :relaxed:

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I keep mine on 18/6 cycle with the rest of the veg room works just fine for me…I keep the heating mat on 24hrs a day…they will reveg and start to grow new leaves which look different than the regular leaves then after that they will grow regular leaves … @Momtomask


Just take clones from flower no more than 2-3 weeks in flower you don’t want to stress the mother to much she could herm…I usually take them within 2 weeks this time I was in the 3rd week because I couldn’t find the time to get to them…I wouldn’t take them after the third week…I get all my work done in the flower room in th first 3 wks and leave them be after that… @Momtomask


I’m really impressed with the new growth you have. Normally when you reveg they shoot out a bunch of single bladed leaves instead of the classic leaf pattern.

I agree with peachfuzz about the lighting. Roots develop best during the dark period. I also remember reading that trichomes are also produced at night, but that doesn’t apply much during veg.

Stay with your veg lighting until she reaches the size you want. You’re going to be amazed at the number of bud sites that you will have since this is your first time!

Welcome to monstercropping…


Im gonna be taggin along if thats A.OK. might want want to dabble in some of this myself later down the road.

I ran my lights 18-6 and after it got bigger with new growth I did a bunch of low stress training and scrogged it . I got this one plant with 40 buds that averaged 3-6 inches long after curing .


I had her under 18 / 6 when she first rooted but there was no new growth for a while. I put her under 24/0 for a few days and new growth started almost right away. Now I’m back to 18/6 and we will see what happens.


Hello @Myfriendis410 if you treat these like any other clone why dose it have a different name like monster cropping? Wouldn’t it just be Cloning? Or is the fact that the mother was in flower when you took the clone and that makes it different? I want as much knowledge as i can get before i attempt my grown later this year. Well i mean next month lol

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Monster cropping is when you take a clone from a flowering mother. Clones are taken from a mother in veg state. @Rayofsunshine